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Then again, they're self-funded, so of course they're going to highlight all the good, ergo a bit biased... If BMW paid me $1,000,000 to say that the F30 is the best thing since sliced bread, of course I can even go around saying that it's faster than a Veyron, has better ride comfort, quietness and technology than a Phantom, better handling than a go-cart and as reliable as a benchmark-grade Lexus... None of it is true, but it shows that people can be bought, while the truth is that I don't like how light the steering is and dare I even say Merc has a slightly more refined interior.

Of course, I skimmed through the responses of the first and last pages, so if it has been covered, please disregard... But then again in my own, unpaid opinion, GMOs may be "proven" safe by people who probably got paid off to say otherwise, I still have a conscientious objection with messing with nature... As a red-blooded male, I like girls with a larger chest, but it doesn't mean I like her stuffing silicone into her body either. Heck, I only believe in surgery done for life-sustaining purposes, i.e. no plastic surgery. Also, as much as it IS "proven", how thorough and trustworthy is it? Like others said, if GMOs "are" safe, how safe are the pesticides? After all, you're putting trace amounts of chemicals into your body that is designed to kill an insect, but how safe it is for humans may not be determined on a linear perspective as a statistic, but it might be creating a butterfly effect that may lead to cancer or some other disease.
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