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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
The state of Texas, last night, imposed forced "monitoring" of those the CDC has identified as having been in contact with Duncan (patient zero). Twice a day someone will come to their house, take their temp, evaluate their health. No going to public spaces. No church, no school, no grocery store, no restaurants. They are dancing around the terminology, but this is effectively a quarantine AND a travel ban. Of US citizens who may have come in contact with a patient, even in their protective clothing.
Yet we can't possibly impose a ban on travel from countries where the virus is raging.

And in that ban, I'm not concerned with the locals who probably can't afford the plane ticket. I'm far more concerned with the volunteers. Yes, they are far braver than I, going into that situation to help their fellow man. You made the investment of your own free will. Now you must stay in an isolated area until after your incubation period. WHO is forcing countries like Nigeria and Senegal to go 41 days without a new case before declaring them ebola free. I'd be comfortable if you stayed in a controlled space for 40 days before flying back to the US.

And why oh why is it only the US that needs to ban these flights? If the entire UN countries signed a resolution banning the COMMERCIAL flights, we wouldn't have to worry about people "hiding" their travel and sneaking into the US. We sent the 101st over there, they aren't coming back on Frontier Air.

Even traveling by private plane, it's hard to enter U.S. airspace and not be noticed.
Personally, I'd be more worried about boats and foot traffic than about airplane traffic.
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