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The Italian government....are you F#*$ing kidding me?!?! Are you referring to the Italian government that was on the verge of bankruptcy a few years ago and currently has public debt as 130% of its GDP. The one that has built up an unsustainable welfare state and has required fiscal support from its northern neighbors in order to stay afloat....that Italian government????
Yep, that's the one. They run a health care INSURANCE system (sorry for shouting, but you still seem to be confusing national health care INSURANCE with national health care), that, by every measurable standard, gives their citizens better health care. That's how superior national health care INSURANCE is, as has been proven in many, many countries. Italy is just my poster child, _because_ their government is so lousy. The system is good enough to overcome even that.

National health care, not so much.

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A travel ban wouldn't be a foolproof solution, but it would certainly mitigate additional spread of the virus within the US. Why this wasn't considered on day 1 as opposed to several weeks into this epidemic is what boggles my mind and the minds of many others.
It may boggle the minds of many people with no qualifications. It doesn't boggle the minds of medical experts, who say it would make things worse. So far Obama has listened to the experts instead of the raging mob, egged on by unscrupulous journalists and politicians who are using the crisis for personal advantage. I give him a lot of credit for that.

The manager as Ebola czar, not so much.

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