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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
What's with everyone and almonds. People act like it's a godsend. DON'T eat a cup of almonds. It's not going to help you lose weight. Almonds are a good part of a good diet, but so are a lot of things. People keep recommending almonds like they're the be-all-end-all of nutrition. What you need to do is, and I say this to everyone trying to lose weight, have 5-6 small salads (leafy greens, throw in some carrots and broccoli, no dressing other than olive oil, vinegar, lemon if you so desire) a day. After the salad you can have your meal or snack as you usually would. The salad goes a long way towards filling your hunger and giving you the vital nutrients your body needs to burn fat. It's so simple, people. Don't make a science out of it.
This is great info! I always thought calorie intake in realation to expenditure was the main factor concerning body composition. I did not know it was as simple as eating 5-6 salads/day with no regard to calories or macronutrients.
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