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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
It's really not complicated. I'll spell it out.

Morning: Glass of water and a fruit smoothie(non-dairy, except yogurt if you really want some creaminess).

Mid-morning snack: Glass of water and a small salad.

Lunch: Glass of water, small salad, turkey on whole wheat sandwich with mustard.

Mid-afternoon snack: Glass of water and a small salad.

Dinner: Glass of water, small salad, grilled salmon with steamed vegetables.

After-dinner snack: Glass of water, mixed berries.

^ You see how simple that is? You stick to the above formula and you'll be shedding fat in no time. You know what else? You won't be hungry at all. That's why I recommend a small salad several times a day. It's filler to keep you satiated so that you're not craving that double cheeseburger come lunch time. On top of that, it's healthy filler that gives you the vital nutrients you need throughout the day.

The above is what I recommend for someone trying to lose weight. Obviously, for people with differing goals (trying to add muscle, etc.) the plan would be different. If someone has a better diet plan for weight loss feel free to say it, but I GUARANTEE the above will work better than anything I've heard on here thus far.
Aside from just being generically healthy (salad, berries, fish, etc) how do you come up with these recommendations and amounts? What is the total daily calorie level and macronutrient breakdown of this diet

Also, you say you recommend this diet 'for someone trying to lose weight.' Do you take into account the persons weight, sex, and current body composition? It seems to me that a 130lb dieting female would have different dietary needs than a 230lb dieting male. And do you factor in activity level at all?
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