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Originally Posted by FlaPatsFan View Post
1MM, Rmtt update....tested 1rm for BS (high bar) hit 425 solid rep.

I will go back to volume and percentages for 6 weeks then retest.

DL 1rm test will be Monday.....hoping for a big number!
Got a video? And how old are you? 425 lb is shit ton of weight. Do you do any stretches, mobility exercises, and what is your overall approach for doing squats. What do you weigh, and how long have you been lifting.

I can put most people to shame on squat form, and depth but I have never even come close to 400 lbs for my actual 1 RM (not JM way of calculating your 1 RM). I think weight of a person, depth (quarter squats are obviously easier than below parallel), and age plays an important role (and obviously if one is on sauce or not) but no matter how hard I tried I was never actually able to do even 370 lb.