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Originally Posted by PA135ii View Post
And your a typical patriots fan.. better than everyone else... the perfect team.. quarterback and coach... yahda yaddha yaddah.. lol

It's like Nero watching Rome burn.. bababahahahha.... the fall of the Patriots.

It's hard to forget isn't it. How the Patriots got beat.. out coached... in a game that they were sure to win. After all the Eagles only had Nick Foles a career backup... and the patriots had the great Tom Brady.

Must have been very painful for yah to watch...
Sry didnít respond sooner....but I actually have a job. Unlike you who sits and trolls all day.

Is that really the best you I said same song from a different singer/YAHOO....YAWN.

I will reiterate...Dynasty = Pats. A very small exclusive club.
Iggles wish they were in the convo, but arenít even in the same universe.