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Originally Posted by sxyblue View Post
So last night around 8:30PM I was cruising along a pretty dark street near my house. Three lanes a side, median and a break for turn traffic. Iím doing probably 35 in the middle lane with a car to my right one car length behind other wise no traffic. Iím passing by a hospital on the left hand side but even so the amount of street lights is pretty sparse. All of a sudden a 50s-ish dude in dark clothes appear in front of my headlights and I stomp on the brakes and am less than 5 feet from him as he panics and dashes past my car and then almost gets hit by the car next to me, who also slam on their brakes even though Iím sure they couldnít see him.

At this point both of our cars had set off from a red light about a 1/4 mile ago and the guy has jaywalked more than half the road and has plenty of time to see us coming. More than that, weíre much easier for him to spot at night than he is for us to see.

Iím curious as to wether any liability or how much would have been to me in situations like this?

It drives me crazy when they do this! It also drives me even more crazy when they just start walking in the cross walk regardless of cars coming or not. When I was in Hawaii they did it all the time and usually every year there were probably close to hundred deaths from it. Even if I'm crossing in a cross walk I wait until I know that all the cars have seen me and are slowing down. It's a cross walk not a force field. Plus in my opinion if you get hit by car because you weren't smart enough to look both ways and make sure you could safely get across, you deserve it. Pretty sure we all learned that when we were in Kindergarten. Just saying!