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[QUOTE=///M Power-Belgium;26158753]Yeah my friend . It's important to drink at lot in extreme high temps .
All the water comes out of the pores during work . Skin feels non-stop wet !
Got during the nights several times extreme muscle cramps by the loss of my magnesium in the sweat .
Take now daily before the summer begins extra dose of magnesium and of course on hot days a lot of water ...

As for all the rubber sealings and tires I use the "Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel"
Protects against "UV damage and browning" !

*I make sure we have plenty of bottled water in 500ml bottles and rather than drink a lot at once a small swig every 30 mins or so does us well.
Taking organic turmeric capsules, cranberry extract and omega 3 fish oil keeps us healthy.
Just had our PM on national tv saying a very gradual relaxing of lockdown will be introduced with ppl allowed to go to parks for more exercise.Boris has advised against using public transport to go to work and to travel by bike, walk or go by car but generally little has changed.
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