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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Nachbar That's the numbers I've got also.
Looks attractive to me but will do that only when the old pac will have lost relevant capacity because the i8 not my DD.

Leto1701 After reading many in depth studies I'm no longer convinced about FCEV. It is way behind in terms of efficiency (factor 1.5-2) and the great advantage for the BEV is the simple power outlet everybody has at home. H2 stations are very expensive. For 60 Miles it needs 7L of water.
For ships and aircrafts it's most likely the solution but I doubt we will see that as final solution in cars and even trucks.
You are right in a sense that H2 in applications where there is an alternative like in most cases small batteries, etc. is not going to make it before there is an abundance of regenerative energy. Exactly because of what you say. But once that problem has gone away... we will see. The i8 batteries are fine in the new model and in this offer. I would like 50% more range in the same size/weight package but not badly. Less weight same range would also be fine.