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Originally Posted by Leto1701 View Post
You are right in a sense that H2 in applications where there is an alternative like in most cases small batteries, etc. is not going to make it before there is an abundance of regenerative energy. Exactly because of what you say. But once that problem has gone away... we will see. The i8 batteries are fine in the new model and in this offer. I would like 50% more range in the same size/weight package but not badly. Less weight same range would also be fine.
Of course, at the moment we cannot say with certainty which solution will prove to be the most efficient and cleanest in the distant future.
And I would also say that Germany, in particular, is already making impressive progress in the field of renewable energies, despite all the opposition from certain lobbies and citizens incited by them.
And yes, 50% more is not bad at all and also that it is now guaranteed that the batteries can also be replaced by external companies