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I'm discovering there's more fans of punk (You ska fans are welcome too) on this forum that I would have guessed. Post up your list of favorite punk bands, favorite punk concert moments, that "first band" that blew your mind before you even knew punk existed, etc. I'll get us started:

Favorite Punk Bands: Rancid, Operation Ivy, The Minute Men, Black Flag, The Germs, Pennywise, NoFX, The Distillers, The Interrupters, Minor Threat, Agent Orange, The Ramones, DK, JFA, Bad Brains.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure "Thats Not F'ing Punk that's Crap" Band: Early Blink-182

Favorite Punk Show Moment: Some random radio-jam summer festival. 2 stages. Main stage has Everclear going like 20 minutes over their set time with no end in sight. Pennywise on the B Stage. Fletcher starts screaming profanities and death threats into the mic, directed at Art Alexakis, then the band just fires up anyway and starts playing right over the top of stupid F'ing Everclear.

Most "Punk" Moment at a Show: Indoor stadium show. Bad Religion and I think the Foo Fighters. Got hit in the back of the head with a blue snowcone. Went to the bathroom to clean up and got vomited on on the way. Continued to the bathroom, cleaned up as best I could. Went to take a leak at the urinal and the dude next to me falls over while pissing and pissed on my leg. I was wearing shorts.

The moment I discovered punk: Skate show in LA in the mid 80's. I was about 11. They had a stage and I'm pretty sure I saw JFA. My mind was blown. My grandma, who took me to the skate show, thought a riot was breaking out when she saw the pit and she made me leave.