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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
LOL - Not really - I feel that I am probably the most 'punk rock' guy at a concert these days, since there I am - middle aged, wearing whatever I want to wear enjoying the show - not caring what anyone thinks - versus those who go to a show just to say they went or dress to be 'different like everyone else'.

Was thinking back to past concerts - saw one in your area once, MXPX with The Atari's in Bremerton, Washington. This would have been around 1994-1995 or so. Was a pretty good show.
Nice! MxPx, some hometown boys. The Atari's are great too. I've always liked their Boys of Summer remake. I have a whole Punk Covers album made in my iTunes that's always on heavy rotation in the car.

You must have been at the Naval shipyard in Bremerton, I'm guessing?