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COVID-19 and your job

Let's keep politics out of this. There's already a thread for that in the Politics section. I'm just interested to hear about how your employer is handing it, or planning to handle it. Any major contingency plans? Changes to meetings/travel/etc?

I work at a university and Spring Break is coming up. Students will scatter to the four corners and there are bound to be some who come back with it. Plus there is the Univ. of Illinois just up the road. It isn't a question of if, but when and how bad we get hit.

That said, I'm more concerned with how the university will handle it than I am about the dangers of the virus itself. Twice since we've been in IL we've contracted Norovirus. The first time it swept through Wifey's library and the second it ravaged my building. Now that's a nasty, nasty disease that makes life miserable for a few days, but otherwise leaves you with no lasting issues. Wifey did spend a night in the hospital when she got it, so it's nothing to brush off. Still, far from lethal. We've had severe respiratory infections as well. Again, picked up from the university atmosphere. In neither instance did the university do anything to prevent the spread of the diseases. They just let them run their course. That's why I'm a bit lost about the current brouhaha surrounding COVID-19. Granted, the mortality rate is higher than the flu or Norovirus, but mostly for certain at-risk groups (of which being an old fart, I'm sort of included).

So what have you been hearing from the office about it? Has it changed your plans for travel or conferences?

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