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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Let's keep politics out of this. There's already a thread for that in the Politics section. I'm just interested to hear about how your employer is handing it, or planning to handle it. Any major contingency plans? Changes to meetings/travel/etc?

I work at a university and Spring Break is coming up. Students will scatter to the four corners and there are bound to be some who come back with it. Plus there is the Univ. of Illinois just up the road. It isn't a question of if, but when and how bad we get hit.

Interesting you mention that, I'm there now - the school has been extremely low-key about it. My buddy at Tufts said they were thinking of cancelling school, and over here it's like "oh yeah by the way there's the corona going around just fyi"

They did call back students studying abroad though. In terms of travel plans, me and my friends were thinking of Mexico for Spring Break, but we all decided against it because we realized if we got hit with it we'd much rather be in mainland US. Quite a lot of my friends are flying to Miami and from what it seems it is a prime destination this year because similar to Mexico in terms of the party scene but with more healthcare. Plus, flights from O'Hare were $135 a few days ago so it's really cheap to go there too.

But yeah i don't know which university you're from, but I'd argue here the administration is very laidback (in many other areas too but let's not get into Politics) in terms of the V I R U S
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