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You can look the web sites of the universities to see what they’re doing. I know MIT has put out a plan, others also must have.

My company banned handshaking over a week ago, began other social distancing (minimize in-person meetings), restricted business travel (prohibition is coming), put more hand sanitizers out and provided sanitizing wipes in all offices/cubes. Also have cleaning service sanitizing all door knobs, public tables/counters, hand rails, etc. daily. Any employee with any respiratory symptom is encourage to stay home. We likely will replenish sick time when needed. Sick employees can and will be sent home. We have laptops (etc) for any employee who might need to be home (school closed, self quarantine) but can work. Limited visitors to our buildings, no unsolicited visitors. I have visited our emergency HQ to be sure it is ready to go, however I don’t expect it to be activated.