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Originally Posted by FredSanford View Post
Anyone try this? Word is it works really well and fast with minimal side effects. My oldest son is considering it and curious here... Thanks in advance.
He needs to be aware of the risks prior to just jumping into something like that. Being that he is your son he is probably younger. Let me know his age. But LGD is a SARM and I am assuming the RAD stack is RAD-140. They aren't as potent as steroids, but they still have a lasting affect on your hormones if you are not careful. Now, if he is adamant on taking it, there are proper ways to go about it. Hence if does do it, start with a minimal cycle. Meaning 4-6 weeks. Ensure that he goes through a proper PCT following the cycle. I'm not talking about the bullsh*t PCT supplements that you find online. This is something he shouldn't just jump into just because he wants to get bigger, that is called impatience. Everything you read will tell you that he wants to be in an ideal shape prior to any physical enhancement. Meaning if he isn't already shredded and hitting a plateau he shouldn't even be considering this, again impatience. Research, research, and then research again. Messing with your hormones is no joke, you need to be diligent. Hence when on a cycle he should not be drinking alcohol, make sure he is aware of this. This can cause even more issues. Without proper PCT following a cycle you can have negative affects, balls can shrink, gynecosmastia, or even worse scenarios like not being able to have kids.

Sorry for the rant, but it's scary when people don't understand the supplements they are looking into. I use to know more on the subject, but I haven't research in years.