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Originally Posted by MarkDemma View Post
Yeah I didn't see the point of including Frank's video because I think readers of this forum have all see it. And granted, one would expect a professional designer to have a better critique. I'd be very interested in seeing what he might have to say once we see the actual 2.

I think the point is that even some amateur / guy on YouTube is able to point out the pretty obvious problems with the 2 GC and make some reasonable suggestions for change that arguably look better. Perhaps not as good as it could ... but most folks would say better.

Since it looks like the new 2 coupe will be taking a lot of design elements from the 2 GC, seemed like a relevant reference point.
I agree, that actually he is pretty talented in his own way and very good he points out issues with designs overall. I hope more people do this but listening to Frank you realize just how much this is a corporate culture issue rather than bad designer issue. Essentially what happened in BMW it seems is someone very high up, who is not a designer, is standing over the design team and tells him what to do and those people have to do it. They are all very talented designers, who took a while to get to be in charge of design in BMW and worked in other companies so I really really dont like calls to fire Dukec or his colleagues just like that. I think it is all about something bit off in BMW chain of command where someone barges in and tells them this is the front I want and these guys have to slap it on the car.

Having said that of course, DUkec comes from PSA, a ton of front drive cars with their own peculiarities in design and VW earlier in 2000s which werent nice looking to me (sans Scirocc) and thus far I havent really liked many things he makes. So it could also be someone in BMW just doesnt have the balls to tell everyone "the king has no clothes".

Lets see - if 4 series doesnt sell he will probably be replaced. That I can tell you because that car is a big volume seller and you cant flop it. Good design sells and if car doesnt sell - its bad design in this case, period.