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Originally Posted by MarkDemma View Post
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Another render
*Images not quoted cause ya just saw them*
IF this render is at all accurate, it becomes apparent that the current crop of BMW designers have made some of the same mistakes they made on the 2 GC and the 4.

One of the mistakes I heard the former designer of the X5 mention was how the crease no longer goes through the doorhandles and we see that mistake in the 2 GC and this render as well.

This video goes over the mistakes in the 2 GC and mentions that as well as problems with the headlights, tail lights, and air scoops.

This guy hit it right on the nail for me. I don't like all the strange angles and extra trim pieces on the bumper and the kidney grills although better than other new bmws still are ehhh not great. There's a way to make the car look more modern and new without All the hideous lines and bizarre looking extra tail light plastic. Maybe I just like the simplistic version from e36/e46 bmws.

The tail lights remind me of the Volvo SUV that had some useless enormous piece of red plastic running up toward the top of the car. It just doesn't make sense and is unappealing.

But the bumper on this is the one thing that I find disgusting

It's the piece you show the world, why make it look so cheaply blinged out with over eventuated lines and angles, there's too much going on and it's not aesthetically pleasing.