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Originally Posted by pmatias03 View Post
DSLR vs Mirrorless? Is one better than the other? Advantages vs Disadvantages? Does one system take better "out of the box" photos? Which one requires the least amount of editing? I think this is important for me as a beginner. I should also mention size is not necessarily an issue for me.
Most mirrorless cameras will have far better autofocus systems and the AF points will cover far more of the sensor.

The DSLR viewfinder can be nicer because itís ďrealĒ and you donít have to worry about framerate. But if you focus using the back screen then it doesnít matter.

If you donít want to edit, then youíll be shooting JPEG and the cameraís color science will matter a lot more. IMHO, for me processing RAW files is part of the fun so I never shoot JPEG. On the interwebs, many feel that Canon have the ďbestĒ colors and Sony the ďworst.Ē Itís highly subjective and depends on many factors.

New vs Used? A good call out was the shutter count should that concern me? I do realized there is excellent value for a used camera compared to new. It would be nice to buy a camera I will use for a few years without having to upgrade so that's where I slightly lean towards new but not a must.
So long as the camera is in decent shape, no reason to avoid used. Plenty of folks have cameras that are rarely used before they decide to sell them.

The lenses matter more than the body. That being said, Iíve bought more used lenses than bodies! I would be wary of getting older used lenses and putting them on a new body. Lenses that were amazing in the 80s probably wonít resolve enough on a modern camera.

What system to buy into? Switching systems can be very expensive so deciding on Nikon vs Canon for DSLR or Sony for Mirrorless. Once I buy into a system I don't plan on changing the body for another brand just adding more lenses.
No one can decide that for you. Canon and Nikon also make excellent mirrorless systems, but they are new so the lens choice isnít there yet. Sony has tons of lenses and they donít lock down their mount parameters, so there are plenty of 3rd party options as well. Iíve switched systems a couple of times, and itís no worse than going from Porsche to BMW. You may lose some money, but itís just for fun, right? I really loved the Pentax stuff I had, and invested a lot in the system. Once I got into photographing things that moved (birds, car racing, etc), the AF was so bad it was a constant source of frustration. Iím really happy with the Sony stuff I have now. It does not have the same build quality or feel of the Pentax gear, but it sure is lighter, faster, and better at tracking a moving subject. There is no perfect system, so donít agonize forever- youíre missing shots while you wait!
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