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The extremes - yes. If you are 400 pounds and do nothing about it and continue to eat like crap and your weight starts to effects others (have to help you, have to go where you can use a scooter, etc) then I do judge.

But I am from parents with 16 bothers and sisters (9 for my dad and 8 for my mom) and I have seen some of them that worked out like mad have their bodies break down later in life, possibly from over use and it made me rethink things. I had 3 aunts & uncles that lived into their 90's (and being born in the 20-30's, that is saying something) and 2 were active right to the end. The things they had in common were they controlled their weight (not washboard abs, just kept their weight reasonably close to normal BMI, etc) and not one of them was a crazy work out junkie like a few of their siblings.

I think it is a balance, if you take genetics out of it. I believe 100% keeping the weight off helps. But I also think wearing your body out when you are young can be counter productive. I no longer run. Keeping my joints has become a focus in my 50's. I still lift weights, but I don't lift heavy anymore. Everyone is different, but all we can do is take care of ourselves and the ones we love the best we can.

Humans are self destructive - it's in our nature. More people are smoking in the world today than EVER before - which boggles my mind. No one can claim that it is not bad for you, so everyone doing it knows they are harming themselves, yet they still do it. When you are 25, double your ideal weight, can see your feet are purple, but still turn into McD's for your daily dose - you know what you are doing to yourself.

Just like saving $ - some will be obsessed with it and some will have no concern at all with it. I suspect it has always been that way and always will be.
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