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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
My dad is a smidge on the heavy size, maybe 270lbs, he is also quite tall like 6' 4". With that said he is not obese or anything - just a firm gut on him. My brothers and I still rag on him when we get the chance hahaha, then my step-mom chimes in and he starts rolling his eyes. Fricking rich, almost laughing typing about it. Now if it ever got to the point where I was drastically concerned with his health I would intervene, but for the time being we just make fun of him.

My mom struggles with her weight and has thyroid issues. What bothers me is she has a drastic misunderstanding of how metabolisms work. Now she is also going through menopause so that isn't helping anything. But she will only eat dinner and be confused why she won't lose any weight. I tell her that she is essentially stunting her metabolism and that she needs to eat in moderation through the day in order to get it back on track. She also refuses to drink any water - you know the saying, but this is in a literal sense!

Anyways, I try to help her every chance I can when she has questions. I come home and she is on track, then I leave and it all goes to hell again. And she isn't even heavy, she just wants to be thin again.
270lbs and 6’4” is obese.

Thyroid issue or not, weight isn’t manufactured in the body. It is manufactured from food brought in primarily through the mouth.

People need to educate themselves for their own betterment.
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