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Well, meet didn't go as expected but finished 5/9 lifts and totaled a 1325.1 at 194lbs. Not my best performance but so it goes.

They REALLY messed us up on squats and used a 55lb bar and went back and adjusted weights up AFTER. That made my opener a 467, and then my second a 495. I had a 485 in my, which was the attempt I selected, but failed a 495 twice, sticking about midway through the lift.

Deadlift was fuckin moving, ripped a 530 open, then 551 moved like nothing so I jumped to 572 and got stuck at lockout. Need to work on some hip drive movements and i'll definitely pull a 600 this year.

Finished with:
467 squat
308 bench
551 deadlift

I DID win the 90kg open class though, so there's that. Not bad for being 35 and should be competing in sub-masters.
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