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Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
well everyone truly is different my dude — creatine turns me into some kind of manimal… jokes aside - my lifts are heavier and endurance higher and unfortunately i get more temper and short on patience - i know it's joked about on bodybuilding forums - but that stuff is no joke when i take it. I retain and consume a TON of water even off 5 mg's of creatine. No longer serves me to be a gym bro though - which is sad cuz i make a great gym bro :
Oh for sure, I would hold a ton of water on creatine - too much in my opinion hence why i don't take it hahaha. I used it in the past a ton, to the point where I think my body got use to it. Then I got off for about 2 years. I wanted to try using it again maybe a few months ago and I went up 10lbs in a week then kicked it because I was a balloon lmao. I'm just at the point where I'd rather be lean then huge. Unfortunately this is work driven to an extent - work attire and suites.
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