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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
That it is, especially if you have the right doc lol!

I've done a ton of research, once I am through having kids I plan to run it if my lifting passion still persists - were talking like 10-15yrs in the future. Testosterone panels should be required for males once you get into your 40s, having low T is not a good thing and getting those numbers back into proper range (or well above for us deviants) should be talked about more - just my opinion. Why be tired and start to develop moobs when there is a relatively low risk (at low doses) fix to the issue.
Lifting or not, TRT is an excellent idea. I was close to the minimum of 300 and now hover in the 800-900 range. I don't get the anger issues (I think this is more indicative of your personality with or without the T) Hormone balance is crucial as you age. You will continue to look younger and keep a higher metabolism plus gym is easier.

Maybe a DECA prescription could help too.
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