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Originally Posted by drlonline View Post
I understand and agree with most of your points concerning range anxiety. My issue is that although we have a second family car that we could take on longer trips, I love taking road trips in my car, so am concerned about charging options in some more remote locations (e.g. national parks, where I'm headed next month).
IMHO: The enjoyment you gain in daily around town use will more than offset what you trade off by not using your EV for occasional road trips.

I'm just not gonna use my EV for long trips (200+ miles). However, they don't come up all that often. (Although I just took my i8 on a 1500 mile road trip, my Model-X is still my daily driver. I don't really consider my i8 to be an EV due to its very short range...)

In any case, Yellowstone has 6 EV charging stations: and other National Parks are adding them as well: