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Renter Beware

I've used it twice. WILL NOT USE AGAIN (and I've rented two different Porsche's!)

When it works, it works well... but when ANYTHING pops up that is questionable about the car when it is returned, the renter is at fault. I cannot stress this enough. The renter is considered guilty until proven innocent. Hell... I've read a number of nightmare experiences where the car experiences mechanical failures due to normal wear and tear (ie: failed engines, transmissions, etc) and the renter is responsible for the cost of repair (read the fine print, it's even listed there!). That being said, there is far more liability on the renters end than they let onto at Turo. Hertz and many exotic car rentals have a liability waiver which releases you from all liability for a few extra bucks.

My quick experience: I rented a 996 Turbo for two days while I was in So Cal. Upon return, the owner saw a tiny 3mm chip in the windshield hidden below the wiper blade. I could barely even see the chip when he pointed it out. I'm certain that the chip hadn't occured under my eye (I used it to put put around La Jolla). But, it was my burden to provide pre-pickup photos showing that the windshield was unharmed prior to pickup. Well, the four photos I took from 10 feet away of each side of the car weren't close enough or the right angle to see any imperfections in the windshield, so I was charged the $500 deductible, no questions asked (they would have charged me more had I not paid for their expensive premium insurance). I took care of that car like it was my baby, and the way they handled that experience left a really bad taste in my mouth.

That said, I'll re-iterate: when things go well, it can be a great experience. But the moment there is an issue, renter beware. This isn't a traditional rental car company. You will be seen as guilty until you can prove you are innocent should the person renting you the car question ANYTHING wrong with it.
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