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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
Now that every manufacturers are switching over to BEV. What will be some of the new benchmarks and bragging rights for automotive performance?
Cost, energy density, efficiency, and charge times are what matter right now. Those are driving R&D because the players who lead in these areas are the ones that are going to dominate in the coming decades.

The other superlatives like speed and acceleration matter, but only to a small subset of the market. No mainstream / full-line automaker is going down on the basis of not being able to build an electric sports car or super car. But some of them may very well tank if they cannot keep up with the pack in the volume segments.

There has to be a barrier where we can't break any more records or does it keep on going?
Regardless of the technology, someone's always going to set their sites on building a faster vehicle than the world has ever seen. That's not going to change.
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