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Just an observation, your "Captain Obvious" remark is the kind of thing you do that ramp up these exchanges from comfortable discussions to abuse.

You have a track record on this forum regarding guns, and that's fine as it's your opinion. The problem the US has and Canada by our physical closeness and porous border is a proliferation of illegal guns. Those guns that are in the hands of criminals aren't going away in any or our lifetimes. That is a whole other debate that frankly isn't worth the oxygen.
(I think I should have called him Captain Avoidance.)
That is the oxygen, or the elephant in the room, if you will.
Approaching from the other side of the car is a very limited solution, & frankly, hardly the concern of citizens.
How did the legal guns become illegal guns? Not by themselves; a person helped.
In the US, the excuse for inaction is always "2A", until the shooting, when it becomes "...he was crazy & ...!"
Where is the action in between? You know, the hard part?

Gun control will be one of the hardest things to accomplish in this country. Voiding or rewriting the 2nd amendment would mean you can do that to any other amendment and that basically means the bill of rights would lose its sole purpose.

It's a lot deeper than just saying "let's have a form of gun control in place." I don't have the answer to this for you.

Even if there is a change, there will be a rise in illegal arms entering this country in one way or another, meaning even more criminals will have access to weapons. Like I said, I really have no solution but maybe we can start off by outlawing owning automatic rifles by civilians? I'd love to know why a regular person should be allowed to own one.

Also cmon man, Sedan_Clan and Murf993 are just here answering questions for us all here that we as non LE always wonder. No need to bash them. let's just keep it respectful.
Very, VERY few Americans own automatic firearms, and those who do have NFA tax stamps and the government knows exactly who those people are. Semi-automatic is another story, and that applies to all handguns/rifles/shotguns that aren't revolvers, bolt action or pump action.
I just don't understand why autos and semi autos can't get banned. What the hell is the need to own one?

assumption is 2nd Amendment comes into play or what?
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