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Thumbs down A quick note for anyone who's ever considered living in Australia

Been surfin auto websites, checking prices,
Thought this'd be of interest to anyone,
specifically those considering/already living in Australia.

I'd be interested to see how the rest of the world compares?

Prices are in Australian Dollar (0.92USD)
Australia - Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast etc)

2010 Audi RS6

Base: $188,359
Goods & Services Tax: $18,836
Luxury Car Tax: $45,005

Dealer Delivery Fees: $5,650
Luxury Car Tax on Dealer delivery fees: $1,695
Registration: $751
CTP: $347
Stamp duty (more tax): $7,737

Total Driveaway:$268,380

This will, by the way, give people insight as to why the guy who's modding his 335i into an M3, is doing what he's doing.

Car prices in australia are, literally, murder...

Source: Audi Australia RS6 PDF
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