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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
I get a pretty good arm workout. Although I'm starting from a low baseline (IOW, my arms have never been that strong). I have my drag set to 123 (about mid 5 on the dial) and I pull pretty hard right at the end of the stroke. My legs are already in pretty good shape from so much riding, but even they feel the burn after 30 minutes of rowing. I row for 30 minutes and then ride for 30 minutes, and my legs are sore right at the beginning of my ride. They tend to loosen up after a few minutes of pedaling, though.
1st off, very nice photos on Flickr.

Look at your power curve on the monitor. It should be a bellcurve. The competitive rowers I spend most of my free time around these days have tree trunks for legs and solid core development. Their arm tone/size varies, mostly based on lifting regiments. You should be killing your quads on the erg if you are going fast with proper technique.