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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
I've just started rowing, so I'm definitely not going fast. My rate is pretty steady at 24SPM and my 500m split time is around 2:20. When I started cycling, my cadence was in the mid-70's and my average speed was around 12-13MPH. As I got stronger and lost weight, that all changed. Now my cadence is around 90 and I average 17-18MPH. I figure the same thing will happen with rowing over time. SPM and split times will improve. The main thing that concerns me is avoiding injury and keeping it enjoyable.
Awesome and congrats on the improvements all around! We should all strive to get better. My point, hopefully it was a point, is that rowing isn't an arm exercise, per se. It is a great workout, though!

For anyone starting out, please look up technique videos. Using your back to hinge can lead to injury.