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Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
I think everyone has the wrong idea on Apple. Apple with its current products and lineup has reached market cap... everyone that wants their products already has them. you cant expect the world's largest tech company to continue growing on basic consumer devices. IMHO; they cannot come up with anything else that will continue this growth for them... what they did in 2006 with the iphone was revoltuionary; this cannot happen again. No one wants any more electronic goods as everything is becoming redundant. They will have to transition to offering some sort of services instead of solely relying on tech manufacturing....
I'm hardly an Apple fanboy, but one would be remiss to assume that a revolutionary product such as the iPhone was a one time show for Apple or any other corporation.

What's not to say that Apple doesn't come out with some other new and revolutionary device that causes the same buzz as the original iPhone did? I'm not saying this scenario is likely, but it is silly to rule it out as though it will never happen again. To say that some new technological leap we are unaware of yet isn't going to happen again in the next few years (from Apple or any other company) is foolish.
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