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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
I'm hardly an Apple fanboy, but one would be remiss to assume that a revolutionary product such as the iPhone was a one time show for Apple or any other corporation.

What's not to say that Apple doesn't come out with some other new and revolutionary device that causes the same buzz as the original iPhone did? I'm not saying this scenario is likely, but it is silly to rule it out as though it will never happen again. To say that some new technological leap we are unaware of yet isn't going to happen again in the next few years (from Apple or any other company) is foolish.
And, we might be overlooking some other factors: international sales (especially China, currently dampened by the trade negotiations) and services (iTunes, media content, etc) which is growing and could replace many products in the profit picture.

My view is that Apple is a fashion company, not a tech company. As long as they generate new, interesting and exciting fashion for their market, they will grow and can leverage that into services. If Cook canít come up with those products, and manage that transition, he and perhaps Apple are toast (wait! An Apple Toaster!!!). Just have to keep in mind that the world market is still a huge opportunity, and much less price sensitive than the US on the iPhones.