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Originally Posted by Speedwell-Industries View Post
Has anyone tried going Vegan?

How has it worked out for you? How does it affect your workouts, daily routine, etc??

How do you feel?

I have been vegan for the last 4 years. I was a vegetarian for the 8 years prior to that.

It was most difficult for me the first 6-8 months. Now itís pretty routine. Every once in a while I think it would be real nice to a milkshake or a hamburger. But honestly I donít really miss it.

Weíre pretty lucky up here in the PNW. Lots of good vegan and vegetarian restaurants and really nice grocery stores that offer good quality products.

Never had a weight issue before. Lost maybe five pounds. So that was never a problem. My cholesterol has always been low itís now around 97 right now. My doctor loves that but hates that I beat him at squash. I play 5 days a week and work out 4 days a week with weights and equipment for about 30 mins. I jog about 10/12 miles a week. Seems fine no major issues in that area.