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Originally Posted by The Wind Breezes View Post
Since you are reasonable enough to have decent nutrition and a active lifestyle, maybe you can offer a good explanation for why you went vegan. So far I've only seen people who are totally misinformed and support their vegan habit with Ms. Information.
Sure...I had been a vegetarian for several years and did very well with that routine.

I decided to try the vegan diet and give it a go for three months and then re-assess. I increased my intake of whole grains, many different types primarily for their abundance of fiber and antioxidants.

I wanted a simpler way of maintaining my weight as well and wanted to eliminate a percentage of fats from my diet. With a non vegan diet I would consume various fats, that I really didn't need. Primarily dairy fats, butter and cheeses etc. My weight has been stable at 170 pounds down from 176 about 8 years ago. I attribute this to the elimination of dairy fats. I eat a good diet of about 2100 calories a day made up of fruits, veggies, grains, pasta, legumes, nuts and seeds...and about .5 ounce of very dark chocolate a day. I also drink almond milk and for a snack I eat a particular brand of granola or vegan cookies that I get at Whole Foods.

I also did some research on various blood chemistries and how diet affects that in both a positive and negative direction. My blood chemistries are very good and have negligible cholesterol and balance lipids which are now bordering on the low side. This is a slight improvement from my vegetarian days.

There is also an abundance of information and research on diet and heart disease and how a green diet can minimize chances of a cardiac event. I hold absolutely no credence whatsoever in a vegan diet preventing cancer. NO ONE KNOWS with any degree of certainty that this diet can prevent cancer. If it does, great, I just won't hang my hat on that peg just yet.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have...I'm not a "soapboxer" about the benefits of my diet. I enjoy going out with friends who consume beautiful thick steaks and chops and smother their dinners in still looks good to me and yes I do miss a good hamburger and ICE CREAM...I miss that a lot.

Thanks for asking.'re right lots of misinformation about vegan diets.