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Originally Posted by Not_Judy View Post
Ex-girlfriend tried it for a while. My findings were that she suddenly wanted to drive 60 miles (120 round trip) to go to the grocery store as the small town we live in doesn't have a Whole Food store. This resulted in her wanting to buy a Prius and constantly explaining to me about how everything I did was terrible based off what I ate. Our relationship didn't last much longer after that and I did't mind it at all.
That happens a lot. People get on a soap box and lecture their friends about how wonderful and fantastic their new diet lifestyle is. I think it’s a form of bragging or telling people that “I’m so smart” and your not. Not a smart thing to do. Never liked telling anyone that my lifestyle is better than yours because it’s not. Ditto. My beliefs are no better than yours. It’s stupid and boring.

All that said I sure have taken a bunch of good natured ribbing from my friends. When we go out with them - like going over to their house for dinner and everyone is eating these fantastic looking hamburgers as the hand me a plate filled with real honest to goodness rabbit food. Or going to a baseball game and Have have one of your friends buy a round of hot dogs and have them hand you one with just a bun and mustard in it. You got to roll with the punches and laugh at yourself too.