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Originally Posted by Lucky John View Post
Lups, run this by me again. You are digging an eight foot deep trench 250 feet long to connect to the city sewer line. I had some thoughts...

First and foremost you do know that the ground can collapse while you are in the trench and people get crushed every year while doing this work. That said, why eight feet? Is it because the main line is already that low in the house? Can you just install a septic system?

I don't know what they call them over there but the tool you need is called a ditchwitch. It is like a giant chain saw for the ground and will leave enough space for running pipe/line etc. The depth is the issue. Even my backhoe here at the farm only goes to six feet. Most trenching is only three feet. For a sewer line that starts at basement level I would determine if the line can be rerouted and exit higher up, then you would only have to dig say two feet most of the way. The line has to have a code level of slope so the refuse washes down. When you get near the trees I can't imagine even with power tools trying to get through those roots let alone with hand tools.

Another option but I doubt anyone rents this is a boring tool. They dig a hole like the one you have started and then they use water to bore/blast a hole under everything without actually doing the trenching. They can run the new line under it all. The problem with this method is cost and large rocks in the way.

Good Luck with it, John
Good God, men!

Look. I'm mildly stubborn. By mildly I mean when I go in to my fuck you all mode, it takes a ton of fuck ups and an absolute failure to get me to quit.

The excavator contractors pissed me off royally, and for the old side of the house it's mostly clay and rocks and there is no way to make it collapse. I fucking know because digging it was hell and the unbelievable amount of whining I've done on the topic since July has ensured that I won't be doing that from start to finish.

The new plan is never to talk about that failure. And excavator will show up next spring and handle it and I'll just finish the shitty bit I've started. The key point about that plan is the part where we all spare my bruised ego, and we do not discuss it!

As for that, tiny and not even deep ditch, it's on sand which is easy to dig up, and I've already filled it since the place I needed to connect the pipe to was merely two meters from the garage.that was like 2 hours of labor if I hadn't needed any five to cough up my lungs in between shoveling.

Stop worrying! The most likely cause of death for me won't be a ditch it'll be something far more stupid. That's why I've been banned from cutting down logs since 2016 and my chainsaw even was condiscated by a very mean hubby.

I even got most of the old pipes surrounding the house, the draining pipes in working order which has mildly pissed me off more because that made the first fucking drench project a bit ... Extra spicy for my ego.

You're a doll for worrying, but I've actually dug one house surroundings ones by hand and I jus forgot that 17 years has made my physical stamina a joke and my ego has swollen massively to take its place. As mentioned, my family is getting their kicks out of this, hubby brings me water with tiny umbrellas when it's raining, the kids love sunbathing next to my site and they've taught our stupid dog to sing on command to make the site unbearable.

This thread is about the joy and fun of an insane project. It's not meant to be a guide book for anyone sane.
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You're still a little new here, so I'll let you in on a little secret. Whenever Lups types gibberish, this is an opportunity for you to imagine it to be whatever you'd like it to be.
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How would you know this? Did mommy catch you jerking off to some Big Foot porn ?
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