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Originally Posted by msk340i View Post
Ay ay ay... This is exactly what I'm talking about. When he said he understeered do you really think Vettel doesn't know what understeer is? I understand that you're biased against him but let's use some brain here. He understeered into T13, went deep, so the turn into T14 was steep (that's what caused riding the curbs) to get a good entrance and a good exit out of T15. A lot of drivers do that when the understeer or turn late into T13. Bias sometimes can make a person look stupid when I know they're not.

Ocon was looking in the mirror and totally misjudged the speed of Haas and the approaching Williams so he took evading measures and crashed.
he didnt understeer car turned much better than he thought they re just split seconds decisions and each driver makes such errors many times everyday..

look my friend yes im not a fan of Vettel but his recent state turned into something really sad that i want him be good on track as well.. and keeping eye on his laps, mood etc and its still not going well.. a bit better this weekend so far... soon only thing Ferrari hasnt change d be his mindset of blaming other things almost all the time.. i hope he can have a better weekend this time.. otherwise a guy born in almost '98 keeps crushing him continuously with the same car its not fun to watch at all even for me..

edit: its a bit long but a nice talk..

"Race car driving is like sex. All guys think they're good at it." Jay Leno

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