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you re telling the story behind im telling the thing that happened.. if there is an understeer here please tell me here.. just look at the rear wheel rotation speed according to the fronts.. if you re telling the story behind to defense Vettel no need to.. cause i didnt made fun of him cause every driver misjudge corners everyday.. its a part of the game.. i ve just said i hope he wont break the chassis before the race again cause it s chance for him to have proper race weekend this time.. maybe..

and for the bias forgot to say.. im dealing with heavy "bias" towards Hamilton here my friend.. and for such a driver that won in every car he has beeen in for his entire racing career, great in battles, broke almost all the records.. its funny.. so comparing to that my possible bias is nothing according the average.. i just want to see a proper Vettel back again thats all.. and the last time we ve seen his that version is now i guess 2 years away...
You won't see him simply because he doesn't adapt well to new car concepts and the ferraris of the second half of 2018, 2019, and 2020 don't suit him.
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