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Originally Posted by yco View Post
its great to see Merc's are still pushing to stay ahead.. i hope tires can handle the rhythm tomorrow doesnt look that bad so far..

im so glad to see Albon closer to the front this time..
he still clearly needs more speed to catch Max but at least now he is on the right direction well done Albon and RB's..

things are looking messy with both Ferrari drivers i hope their race will be better tomorrow at least.. Racing Points are clearly faster than them and RP's race pace got much better last weekend probably it ll continue this weekend as well.. because they focused highly on the race so far in practices..

up to this year he was leading the car developments for its characteristics maybe this years car is different but not suiting is weak word i believe really.. yes Vettel was the best for blown diffuser era but it was long time ago now.. i meant everything started from when he was off the track when he was leading in Germany car wasnt the case then...
Vettel looks older badly.. i dont think the biggest problem is going on with the car at the moment..
Dude why do you keep repeating that blown diffuser broken record when the season testing started with both RB's and McLarens with blown diffuser then all of the cars had it by the third or fourth race. Please read more about F1 development history or follow the sucked of Giorgio Piola. The blown diffuser isn't exclusive to Red Bull.
What you're saying is there same exact thing you keep defending when people say Hamilton is winning because of his car.
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