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Originally Posted by yco View Post
such a demoralizing race for Lewis.. well done for Bottas even though he couldnt overtake Lewis at the start a win nicely served to him.. and at the same time standards are so high that 3rd place for Lewis started to be disappointing.. its crazy.. great work from Merc's.. but i guess Bono and Lewis will have some long chat this evening..

well done to Leclerc for taking his Ferrari from nowhere to somehwhere..

Albon's car was looking weirdly not happy.. i guess they were trying some new parts for Max again.. and Max achieved the best he can well done.. Albon had 5 seconds penalty at the end of the race havent seen why yet..

Sainz's crash was really extraordinary.. that clearly shows that turn 2 is problematic result could be worse.. but luckily it didnt turn into something worse..

Renaults were looking strong.. and Norris Albon Russel fight was superb to watch.. all respect each other with full beams on.. loved it great racing!!

PS: can someone explain me why Max was the driver of the day?
he lost 2 places until first actually 2nd corner and actually jumped over the curbs and almost overtook a Renault like that.. so there were no advantage with that? and all he needed to keep the car on track and he did.. so thats why he was the driver of the day only?
Russel was racing good with his a bit more faster than a toaster car.. Albon was overtaking cars from outside again.. Leclerc took his car to the nice points from nowhere put half a year gap to Vettel.. Norris showed some real skills of racing with an impossible strategy to hang on.. Gasly overtook many cars.. not a fan of Kvyat but kept his cool with his long stint and scored more points than Gasly.. driver of the day voting wasnt that much fair before but this time it didnt make any sense at all..

and Ricciardo almost made the same turn.. he touched much further part of the sausage curb but got a penalty.. he didnt gain any advantage but he had 5 seconds of waiting time in the pits.. he should ve jumped from curbs and go for the bollards? really? i would like to see why Albon had his penalty.. turn 2 is really problematic in Russia.. and since its almost the only place to overtake of course drivers push their luck.. it definitely needs to be revised.. too many penalties started to occur during races.. its not normal.. like we have too much action on track..
Mate ?
That's actually pretty simple . "MAX is born on the track and drives with octane in his blood" !
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