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Top Gear is still (at least until TGT is on) with more production MONEY, and its heritage opens many doors i.e. Car Museums, Factories, Interviews, etc; So for us car enthusiasts I donīt think being TERRIBLE is a posibility. But for people who just watched the show for the funny parts (wives, kids) mmmmmm.
Wether they found the right host crew is to be proved, wich I personaly donīt think they nailed it, specially with EVANS who should leave now if BBC wants more seasons making some profit. Matt does his job and its getting better every episode, but you could see from miles away that HOST is not his thing. As for Harris I would say he should stick with what he does best: reviewing the car , and leave the funny parts to the others. The rest of thecrew (Rory, Farrah, the Ladies) well, I donīt have a strong opinion to write about.
The shootage is still AMAZING in every way.
I like it being British, but the mixed nationalities criticism is a win win as the show is on new markets every day (writing this being mexican where the tortilla car is made -lol non ofense taken anytime-).
Hope it gets better, and will watch it when its on if Iīm at home..... why not?
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