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Transmission Filter/Fluid Change On 2015 Mazda 6

For a little background this is an Aisin-Warner transmission, which is apparently based on the ZF6HP. They actually do feel quite similar. For starters you got a little spot in the corner for your nice big pan magnet, which you can see at the top of the pan.

Mileage was at around 103,000 miles when the service was done. I don't think the bottom of the pan looks too dirty for the mileage. Here's a closer look at the magnet. Looks pretty filled to capacity with metal shavings:

... And here is the same magnet after wiping it down. Back into the new pan it goes...

Then, right above the pan, sandwiched in between the pan and the transmission itself is your filter and strainer. When you turn your car off, all the ATF fluid sits at the bottom of the pan. The transmission pump then begins to pump ATF fluid around the unit. The fluid goes through the filter box to strain out the fluid before it reaches the unit itself. All the sludge, which is mostly metal shavings mixed with old ATF fluid is supposed to stay at the bottom of your pan. Here it is:

Here I managed to get a shot inside the filter. Obviously it looks really dirty, but that is why the bottom of the pan is pretty clean and free of shavings. Many other cars don't have a filter at all, just a strainer meaning at around this mileage the bottom of the pan will be full with metal shavings.

About half of the ATF capacity (8L) drained out when we dropped the pan. It looked dirty but not horrible, didn't smell burnt and it still had some useful lubricational properties from what I can tell when I rubbed it on my finger. By keeping the inside of your transmission free from these metal shavings, you are protecting your valve body and shift solenoids which may get damaged over time due to the ATF fluid which has exponentially higher than usual metal values when left sealed inside the transmission for so long.

First Drive - Initial Impressions:

The transmission now shifts notably quicker and more smooth than before. Overall it was a $290 CAD (with oil change) well spent in my opinion.
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