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Originally Posted by chassis View Post
Well done, thanks for sharing.

Car dealers know the transmission is the main item preventing 300k mile service life for many vehicles. Dealers rampantly spew the statement that transmissions are sealed for life. Rubbish and they know it. VW dealers in particular refuse to change transmission oil, even when cash is waved in front of their noses to do the work.

Regular (every 80k-100k miles) transmission oil change is a way to achieve 300k miles on many vehicles these days, assuming all other maintenance is kept up with.
Deny a transmision flush now, in hopes of collecting a very expensive transmission replacement service at 2x the price, straight from your wallet.

Then, off your old transmission goes for a rebuild, and then into another customers car who didn't service their transmission. They don't care about anything but maximizing profit.

Personally, I am very impressed to see a quality metal transmission pan with its own dedicated filter (situated between the pan and the trans/solenoids itself) along with a nice big useful magnet. Even on the 100k$ 7 series, you will find only a plastic pan with a tiny magnet and a crappy built in filter which does practically nothing.

On a BMW, ill replace the panfilter every 50k miles religiously. I only use Redline D4 fluid. What a difference there was after changing mine at 67k miles... Looked much more filthy at the bottom of my pan than the Mazda with 100k miles. Looks like the filter is really doing its job here.