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Originally Posted by uncle_albert View Post
Hi Everyone,

First post. Spent a long time deciding what to get and this forum has been an excellent source of knowledge and photos and eventually was convinced. Please queue up to get your commission

I think I just love the way this car can have mutiple uses; school run, local short trips, a cruiser, a day-to-day car, a fun car and a put-your-foot-down car.

It's unique in many ways and I've never seen one where I live in a sleepy village in the UK - first time I saw one was when I took one for a test drive - so they seem rare. Plenty of 911s about!

Buying used is always tricky with what you are prepared to compromise with and how patient you are to wait for the right one to appear - colour, age, mileage, warranty etc.

Most folks appear to have taken out a waranty, but is there anyone who hasn't? Perhaps taking a chance and putting aside some funds. What has been your experience?

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Have a used one in the UK also, albeit low mileage. I have no warranty and have no concerns.

The fuel tank issue concerned me until I realised that you sometimes have to wait 20-30 seconds for the tank to de-pressurise before the flap will open. Don't get this confused with the issue of not opening at all.

Great car, enjoy.