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Originally Posted by TNTMYM3 View Post
I am not a doctor, I underwent a shoulder surgery in my 30's after bodybuilding for many years. I developed tendinitis from bone spurs and calcium buildup and also suffered a tear of the anterior rotator cuff. Stem cell therapy was not an option for me. I was always very interested in body chemistry and used HGH in my 20's with great results. I took a low dose of HGH post surgery, same dosage recommended for anti aging therapies.

2-4 iu Somatropin HGH injected subcutaneous per day, post surgery, ( .04 - .06mg/kg/week)

I split the dosage 12 hours apart to maintain stable levels. I ended the treatment after 1 year.
The problem with some joint issues is the lack of blood flow into a "closed system" means that hgh doesn't really help the way it would with other tissues

I took 5iu serostim a day for a few months while recovering from my last shoulder surgery and objectively it didnt speed healing because of the lack of labrum blood flow

Its amazing otherwise and if not for our wonderful government it could be available for everyone over 35, and priced the same as bovine growth hormone (cents per iu)