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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
This cracks me up, and I feel it was pretty balsy and badass. Would have enjoyed seeing that.

Trump: "Are you going to give me the one thing I want? Because if so, then we can talk about what you want in return."

Schumer: "Nope, we will never give you funding for your wall, but let me tell you about all the things we want from you."

Trump: "You want me to give you stuff without you giving me what I want?"

(sound of door closing behind him.......)

I imagine that he was, no argument there. One should note, however, that he wasn't dealing with the ass-hats that are leading the Democrat party in Congress these days, though. I doubt Reagan would have had much use for Pelosi or Schumer, either, to be honest.
Yes I though it was pretty cool to I have done this in many business deals and thatís the point well you have nothing to lose because itís got to be done and thatís showing them that heís not budging anytime so weíll soon see a deal hopefully soon, what really gets me is that they all supported the wall and even said it was a great idea and was gonna spend a 50+billion on it and trump only asking for 5 billion thatís like nothing to the debt might as well add it considering Obama was gonna spend 50+billion on a ďwallĒ and little 5 billion isnít even close to 50 billion, itís because they donít like trump let me tell you business is business nothing personal you have to understand that heís here building a country we donít need to sit here critzing the president when he is our president we should be encouraging him to do better thing but avoid the hate he is our president and like I said business is business nothing personal and donít give me some quote from a rapist. Then most of yíall will say well he added x amount and stuff well look at what Obama added we can play the game all day long.