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Originally Posted by roadmax View Post
Realistic and more reasonable prices for i3 should be 15-20 K depending on options and for i8 no higher than 70-80 K
BMW will face competition in this segment that they will either have to rethink the pricing practices or cancel production.
Huh? You do realize that his uses a carbon fiber passenger cell and is a luxury electric vehicle right? It was designed from the ground up to be electric it is not a repackaged petrol car. A volt is in the same price range and doesn't even come close in luxury.

What luxury car could ever be in that price range let alone an electric one? The battery pack alone is probably that amount of money...

I personally want one with a ReX system which will be able to go about 700 miles or more on a tank- that is awesome. BMW has already spent 3 Billion on R&D for these cars and they are going to be 3-5 years ahead of the competition easily. None of the other brands outside Tesla and Fisker which are new to cars in general have a product. Audi stopped developing the A2 E-Tron all together and a production version of the E-tron R8 recently erupted into flames during testing.

Time will tell but I think they will hit their 30k units with no issues.