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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
I wouldn't mind buying an i3 but it looks like a turd in comparison to the i8.

It's almost like BMW designers intentionally made the i3 uglier. Because how can the same design team that designed the i8, also make the i3?
Different concepts entirely. The i3 is practical and the design fits the target market- large urban centers where space needs to be optimized. The shape of the car and the design is to make it practical for large cities, parking, lines of sight- There is a reason why hatches and wagons sell in Europe and not the US - notice how the new Prius is boxier and features interior space at the cost of perceived looks? People in the US in major cities in the next few decades will understand this, those in the 'burbs drying Yukons will not.

In person the i3 makes sense in current form but the "concept" will undergo changes before it reaches market.

The i8 is a sports car and thus shares the typical low slung lines and more sporty appearance- it is a halo for a reason.

While both cars are under the guise of BMWi they are really quite different in concept and show how the BMWi team is looking at multiple answers and targeting a variety of customers, not just one type of person or one type of environment.

Different designers penned the cars but the teams were given the mission to design the future now and to save as much weight as possible while also making the cars as efficient in terms of driving and use. The huge gull wing saves weight and still allows rear passenger entry on the i8 For example. The bench seats on the i3 allow occupants to slide easily from one side to the other the exit the vehicle safely (no need to enter traffic) when in the city. Lots of ideas in both cars.